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Zulution”Social Media Marketing & Management” 

Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Media Posting,Engaging Done By Us, We will Cover Your Back.


We understand that it’s challenging to fulfill the tasks every day for your social media networks. Here we comes in to manage your all social media marketing and management by the team of professional.We run your social media as you run by yourself with full care and best results.

what we do as

Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Media Marketing & Management is sharing information on social media to achieve brand awareness & engage with prospects that become your loyal clients. Managing social media includes activities such as updating content, posting Images, videos, fresh news about your service and products in a professional way very time consuming and needs hours. Here our professional team comes in that bridge this gap manage all your social media activities through out the web and brings you most out of it.

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Content Posting

Compared with the other areas that online marketing is included, the message that you are passing to your viewers matters a lot. The content that you share on your social networks should be interesting, compelling, latest news about your agency and helpful. The merit here is that it will attract more people and growing your business
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Observing Competition

We observe your competitors without them noticing that this is one of the advantages of using the social platform as one of marketing strategies. All you need to do is observe the techniques they are using and, if it is working quite well for them, you can try using the same channel but in a more advanced and creative manner.
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Design Strategy

Before starting a social media campaign, we design a strategy or rather a business goal. We ask questions about your business and based on what you need we design a strategy that what kind of result you want from your social media management and marketing.
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Social Media Management

Zulution Social Media Management team is well experienced and skillful managers that boast your conversion on social media. We take care of all aspects. When you start working with us you hire the team that will start researching about your company so that we can engage with your clients in a right way.
Benefits of Social Media Marketing


Benefits of using a Social Media Marketing and Management company

Zulution Social Media Management Company eases a lot of work for clients. First they don’t need to allocate hours for finding great content, crafting according to the needs and then posting all of their social media platforms. Second they don’t have to worry about people comments all day long because its gonna be taken care of by the professional team. Third and most important is they make more money by focusing on their own business and getting more clients.

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Custom Quality Content Daily According to Your Brand Need At Very Affordable Price


We are offering crazy low price – just $199/month – For which You will receive high quality custom content  for your business specifically , We Post once EVERY DAY to  Facebook. Get worry free about your content posting.

Network of choice options: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or Pinterest. Instagram is only available as a Lite or Deluxe add-on.


Our Features

All Plans Include

Skyrocket Strategy

We will design the social media marketing sky rocket strategy best suits your business & goals also can help you to make it from scratch..

Every Day Posting Content

We will post most relevant content on social media according to your industry that will help to create more clients and brand awareness of your product and service.

Engage Social Community

We will reply the comments, messages, share and likes from the community & engage with them on your social networks.

Building Community

We,ll help you Build the community on your social media in your specific area of business interest. Also helping you build a passionate fan base

Daily Monitoring 

We,ll monitor your brand competition & fine tune our strategy along with the latest trends of your competition.

Monthly Reporting

We,ll send you monthly analytics reports of your social media marketing progress such as content & audiences.


How you manage our social media behind the scenes

Team Meeting about the social media marketing & management services  Research niche, target audience & Competitors.Design strategy and content for your campaign. Design your social media professionally and make schedule for posting.

How you will post in my Business?

Once we research your business in your niche, target clients, and your industry competitors. We specially get the post for your business only that is creating buzz in your industry and post every working day.

Why can't i do it myself?

Sure you do it yourself but social media posting and engaging with followers in a right way daily is much time consuming. Also goal is to have the perfect mix of fun, informative, relevant and engaging posts. And sneak in some promotional posts when the time is right. which needs always more professionalism and time.

Do you manage on other social networks as well?

Yes we manage Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. All these are addons which comes one as 49$ in your account.

why posting is so important on social media?

Our goal is to keep your business alive and create buzz on social media. We post things people can talk about, and when they talk about they share with their friends which means more rolling balls towards your service and product that ends up more clients and sales.

Can i still post on my social media?

Absolutely! You can post on your social media accounts whenever you want as you always do.

If i need special promotion of a product on social media ?

Yes! You can shoot an email and we will design the content and right strategy for your product promotion. which takes normally 24 hours.

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What People Are Saying

Extra ordinary service we get so much rolling eyes just in first month since we join Zulution. Thank you for your care towards our brand.
Jun Financials

Jun Tartosa

I must confess that when i approach them in my mind that give them a chance after my business owner friend Jacob recommend me. I got leads & 09 new clients in my first month with them. i am so much happy with A+ Service.


10/10 service me and my husband owns a restaurant at south beach Miami. We were using social media and yelp before but since we join this program our online deliveries are skyrocketing. Thumbs up !
Saffron grill

Semi White

Excellent work. Efficient and Quality Service.



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Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Award Winning Support

We are here to help, We Give Industries Fastest & Dedicated Support to our Clients When they need it , What they Need it. Our Support Staff Is Always there for Help.

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

if you are not 100% satisfied with Social Media Marketing,
simply contact our support desk and we will cancel your future subscription, no long term contracts*14-day money back guarantee does not apply to: Facebook or LinkedIn ads, blogs, page creation

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